“In VUCA contexts, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty”


Leadership X.0 stems from our desire to offer a reference platform on the theme of leadership in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) contexts in which to welcome discussions, contributions, research and case studies on all relevant topics to design and implement effective leadership. The leader X.0 does not neglect any dimension of the human, even more so in VUCA contexts such as those in which we currently live.

VUCA contexts have entered our lives but we still have no awareness of the extent of their impact. We will realize that in the future. In particular, the awareness of the nature of VUCA contexts grows in work contexts but appears limited in social and personal contexts. Consequently, each of us does not adequately evaluate the implications connected to the existence of complexity and uncertainty.

Complexity emerges when our environment is populated by numerous individuals and organizations that interact through a rich and intricate set of links. This complexity give rise to uncertainty, as it is virtually impossible to anticipate how our environment may evolve. In fact, the interactions between individuals, the scenarios that they make possible and the final outcomes of such interactions are innumerable and impossible to exhaustively track down.

In our portal we will talk about all subjects that for us define Leadership X.0, by making available to the reader materials, case studies, ideas and contributions drawn from various areas of research and experience, by promoting a fertile contamination among different disciplines, as contamination is the primary source of innovation, evolutionary fitness and leadership effectiveness.

We at Leadership X.0 come from different training paths that combine technical and humanistic elements. Indeed, there are two thematic areas of reference

  • business economics, with which they provide a technical perspective related to the business economics literature;
  • coaching, with which, instead, we provide a cognitive, emotional and behavioral perspective of analysis.

Finding that the adoption of these two perspectives determines a contanimation between the disciplines and that this contamination is generative, we hope that our blog will become a platform with which to contaminate and be contaminated by all those who with ideas, inputs and perspectives will want contribute to the development of Leadership X.0.

Finally, our blog makes intellectual rigor an essential element to ensure that the contamination is not only fertile but also solid under a scientific standpoint.